Robb Wolf — navigating Pizza Night with the carb tolerant and carb not so tolerant!

It’s Pizza night at the Lazy Lobo Ranch! We do gluten free crusts for the girls and a phenomenal breakfast sausage based crust for yours truly, the carb intolerant XY member of the ranch. We tend to use pretty traditional toppings for the pizza with the exception of goat cheese. Everyone in the family seems to have problems with cow cheese (and yes, I’ve tried them all, grassfed, raw and milked by the Dali Llama himself…it’s not a good fit for us, trust me). This meal is not only Delish it’s a good illustration of how we try to mange both the immunogenic potential of food but also the blood sugar response. I don’t handle the carbs from the gluten free crust, none of us do well with cow dairy. Easy fixes, no “deprivation”. By using the #30dayreset and #7daycarbtest you can figure out what works best for you too. #wiredtoeat #diabetes#bloodsugar #keto #lowcarb #paleodiet#glutenfree #personalizednutrition #pizzanight#pizza #yum #friday

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