How to Make Paleo Gluten Free Pizza Crust|DYI Coconut Flour Pizza Crust

Know how to make your own paleo coconut flour pizza crust crispy and gluten free?

Going paleo is really a necessity for most, mostly because it’s so important to be gluten and sugar free. And this paleo pizza crust made from coconut flour is the perfect choice for both snacks that are fun and a healthy quick lunch or dinner that is bound to please the whole family.

The thing about flour made from coconut, however, is that it can be a bit tricky. Don’t be deceived. Just because it is a type of “flour”, it doesn’t have the same stickiness as regular flour. Without that natural glutinous composition, you want to be a bit more wary in your prep work before cooking.

This particular dyi coconut flour pizza crust is a great choice because it is done quickly, but make sure you don’t burn it. We’ve tried a few tricks here to make your job easy. When I whipped this up for my family they just LOVED IT.

But don’t forget the actual crust of your pizza is as important as the treats you put on it. Make a healthy sauce from either tomatos or some pesto, and put on your favorite toppings like bacon, green or black olives, onions, spinach, artichoke hearts (yum!) and even healthy cheese. Just make sure your layers are relatively thin, and you put on your toppings have way through as the pizza gets fairly crispy.

Make sure you make a couple of pizzas if you have a significant amount of diners to please. They’ll all thank you for it as they enjoy the health benefits of coconut flour, which include detox, healthy regulation of blood sugar and cholesterol, as well as its autoimmune enhancing properties. Don’t forget how coconut flour helps make you feel full which is great for wait loss!
And let us know how coconut flour has helped you reach your health goals. Not everyone is ready to try a DYI coconut flour pizza crust recipe, but if you are brave enough to take advantage of how to make your own paleo gluten free coconut flour pizza crust, we want to know the results!

Here’s another version of coconut flour pizza, also low carb

This one is also paleo like ours but has flax seed too.

Here are some more tips for working with coconut flour

If you’re allergic, you can do other low carb gluten free crusts

If you don’t mind almond milk in your coconut flour pizza, this one is lactose and milk free


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