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The hardest thing about sticking the Paleo diet
is having unexpected times when you need a
quick meal.
Make sure that you plan your meals ahead of
time so that you don’t find yourself caught
without something to eat that fits the plan.

The Paleo Recipe Book makes all of this very easy to manage. There are over 370 delicious super tasty and above all, easy to put together paleo recipes at your disposal when you need them. If you are stuck to arrange something for breakfast, lunch, supper or just a snack in between, the paleo recipe book has all the answers.

A weekly or even monthly meal calendar can
help you to stay on track.
Instead of wondering what you’re going to eat
each day, you’ll already have it mapped out.
This makes it much easier to stick to the

Planning ahead also helps you to save money.
You can look ahead at what’s in season, what’s
on sale.
And you can create multiple recipes around
similar ingredients to make them stretch.

Planning ahead also allows you to cook and
freeze food ahead of time.
If you work full-time it can be hard to find time to
prepare meals each day.
You can cook for a week or even for an entire
month ahead of time and then freeze the foods.

This way, when you get home, all you have to
do is reheat your meal rather than having to
start from scratch.
This takes a lot of planning and preparation, but
the results are worth it in the long run.

Keep food with you.
When you’re out and about, it’s a good idea to
keep snacks with you.
We’ll discuss some of the best snacks to keep
on hand a little later.
You’ll also find that this is a good time to start
packing your lunch instead of relying on eating

One of the toughest situations for the Paleo diet
is when eating in a restaurant.
If you do have to eat out because of travel or
other circumstances, try to plan ahead to get a
copy of the menu.
If you decide what to order before you go, it
makes it easier to avoid going off the plan.

Stick with it.
The challenges you face early on with this diet
will begin to fade the longer you stick to the
You’ll learn how to stretch a dollar, you’ll get
faster at meal preparation, and you’ll be better
able to prepare for changes in your schedule.

You’ll also start to see and feel the benefits of
weight loss and better health.
The more you experience these benefits,
the easier it will be to keep going.

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