FIVE Stupid Easy Paleo Lunches – Paleo Meal Prep Ideas

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In this video, we want to share 5 ideas of paleo meal prep ideas. These are easy to do, and you can carry them to work or school.

1. Leftovers: The quintessential lunch at work is leftovers from the night before. Of course, this idea had to make the list because it’s expected! But there are more.

2. Wraps: No, tortilla wraps are not on the menu. Instead, consider other foods that you can wrap – like lettuce, bacon or sliced meats. It is more difficult to accomplish with fresh sliced turkey at home, but medium sliced turkey from the deli, wrapped around cheese, lettuce, mustard and tomatoe makes for a delicious lunchtime meal. Sliced into rounds and held with toothpicks, it’s also easy to eat.

3. Apple and Peanut butter sandwhich, cucumber and tomato sticks with a side of cold meatballs. It’s a combination of tastes that are easy to put together in the morning and sure to keep you satisfied at lunch.

4. Chicken drumsticks, salad, cucumbers and a paleo brownie will tempt your taste buds from salad to dessert, is easy to pull together from leftovers and your friends won’t even guess it’s paleo!

5. Deviled eggs wrapped in bacon, tossed salad, grapes and pumpkin bread offers variety, protein, fiber, nutrients and gives you something fun to look forward to at lunch.

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