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Paleo diet avoids processed foods
This is Paleo orthodoxy, but it is also general nutritional advice from Michael “Eat Food” Pollan to Harvard’s School of Public Health: Consuming whole foods, as close to nature as possible, is healthful.
The Paleo Recipe Book is loaded with 1000 great recipes and can be downloaded to you device for future reference and meal planning in a PDF form

Combine with Exercise
Paleo has a close connection to CrossFit — the intense HIIT program. And while the “sport of fitness” isn’t for everyone, the idea that a diet and exercise plan should be part of a whole healthy lifestyle approach is a good one: Research shows that emphasizing the two together is the best way to achieve weight loss.

Achieve a good sale balance
By eliminating processed foods, which are the major source of sodium in the American diet, Paleo eaters eat a low-sodium diet without even trying. What’s more, the plan provides nearly twice the typical amount of potassium that a typical American diet contains. That combination of low sodium and high potassium is a recipe for good vascular health and low blood pressure.

Fats that are Good for you
The Paleo diet eschews hydrogenated vegetable oils in favor of single source fats like avocados, olive oil, flaxseed oil and coconut oil.

DIY Cooking
Strict eating guidelines make restaurant dining and quick snacks at the vending machine a little trickier. That means most of the food you eat comes from your own kitchen. And that means you know exactly what’s in it and how it will affect your body.

Don’t need to count calories
Paleolithic hunter-gatherers certainly didn’t, goes the reasoning. While calories do count — if you eat a huge number of them, you will gain weight — they are not a metric of healthfulness. Nutritionists agree that calories are merely a jumping off point toward looking at the health value of food. Nutrient density is a far better measure for health.
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