Product Review – No Grainer (Paleo / Keto / Low Carb Bread)

Today we review a paleo bread that also happens to be keto-friendly and low carb. It’s called No Grainer and it’s made here in Melbourne.

I’ve reviewed a few other low carb breads in the past, and this was actually my favourite to use as just plain bread, e.g. in a cold sandwich. At first I thought the fact it wasn’t sliced was a drawback – but it does mean you can slice it however thick you like. Other low-carb breads that were pre-sliced were often quite thin to keep the carbs down, and being a smaller loaf they tended to curl up in the toaster and lose their shape. Like all lower-carb breads, it takes a few goes to toast this one, or at least a much higher setting.

However, while the bread itself worked well for toast and even grilled sandwiches, the seeds took on a slightly burnt taste that I didn’t care for. They do make a plain loaf without seeds, so maybe that one would be best for toasting or grilling, but it is a bit higher in carbs.

This was the most expensive of the low-carb breads at $15.50 per loaf (compared to about $12-13 for the Protein Co loaves, and just under $5 per loaf for the Aldi’s bread. So the overall winner is probably the Aldi bread, but we really did like this as a cold sandwich.

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